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The decision to place an elderly family member in a nursing home or long-term care facility is one that no family makes lightly. The discovery that your relative is suffering abuse at the hands of their caregiver can overwhelm you with stress and even evoke feelings of anger that someone has harmed your loved one. Statistics suggest nearly 40% of nursing home staff have witnessed at least one abuse incident in the past year. But because elderly patients don’t want to “rock the boat” for fear of retribution or cannot communicate problems effectively, cases are grossly underreported. 

You may be reading this now because you suspect a loved one has suffered from mistreatment or negligence in a care facility. Your relative’s health, safety, and happiness in their golden years are on the line, but there is no need to go through this alone. Get in touch with a Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer at Circeo Law Firm for a free consultation.

What Are The Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect?

To help protect your loved ones, it is important to know the signs of abuse and neglect.

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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Statistics

Nursing Home Abuse Justice compiled statistics from leading organizations like the National Council on Aging (NCOA), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) to determine a breakdown of nursing home abuse complaints:

nursing home stats

However, nursing home abuse is just one part of the more significant problem with elder abuse. As many as 5,000,000 people are affected by elder abuse every single year, according to the NCOA.

What’s The Difference Between Nursing Home Abuse And Nursing Home Neglect?

While nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect both involve mistreating the elderly, workers in the field draw some distinctions.

Nursing Home Abuse in Kentucky

Also known as “elder abuse,” nursing home abuse is any intentional act that causes harm or serious risk to an elderly adult. Elder abuse can come in many different forms, all of which can occur in a nursing home. Types of elder abuse in nursing homes include:

  • Physical Abuse. The use of physical force against an elderly person meant to inflict unnecessary pain or even injury, including restraining an elderly individual chemically with medication or drugs or even physically through superior force. 
  • Emotional or Psychological Abuse. These types of abuse can include simply ignoring an elderly person despite calls for help, making threats, using intimidation, or causing them emotional pain or distress through verbal abuse.
  • Financial Exploitation. The unauthorized taking, concealment, or misuse of money, property, or other financial assets of an elderly person.
  • Healthcare Fraud or Abuse. Unnecessary or even harmful medical procedures by unethical healthcare providers, charging for care not given, overcharging for services, or recommending fraudulent treatments.
  • Sexual Abuse. Any kind of non-consensual sexual act, even if the elderly person is not aware.

Nursing Home Neglect in Kentucky

Elder neglect can be intentional or unintentional. Neglect is much more common than abuse in nursing home settings. Examples of nursing home neglect include:

  • Medical Neglect. Failure to address or prevent medical concerns such as diabetes, infections, bedsores, or cognitive disorders.
  • Basic Needs Neglect. Failure to provide adequate food or water or a clean and safe environment within the nursing home. This can also include failure to provide adequate supervision, resulting in residents wandering into unsafe areas or away from the property.
  • Personal Hygiene Neglect. Failure to provide adequate assistance with basic hygiene such as washing, brushing teeth, bathing, laundry, or combing hair.
  • Social/Emotional Neglect. Repeatedly ignoring an elderly person, leaving them alone, or yelling at them.

Who Is Most at Risk Of Becoming a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Any individual in an assisted living facility, personal care home, or nursing home is at risk for neglect or abuse. Still, some may be at a higher risk than others. Risk factors that increase the chances of being a nursing home abuse victim include the following:


Women are more likely to be abused than men. As many as 66% of elder abuse victims were women, according to the NCVC.

Socioeconomic Status

Researchers have found a link between lower socioeconomic status and elder abuse. For example, elderly individuals who rely on Medicaid to receive nursing home care may wind up staying at facilities where elder abuse is more common.

Past Trauma

According to the NCEA, individuals who were abused or experienced trauma in the past are more likely to become victims of abuse in the future.

Health Problems

Poor mental and physical health may increase the risk of abuse, according to the NCEA. Those who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are particularly vulnerable to abuse. The NCOA and NCEA both report that nearly 50% of elders with dementia experienced abuse or neglect.

How To Prevent Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

While the duty of care falls to the nursing facility staff, there are some ways you can get involved with your family member’s wellness plan and catch signs of neglect early on before it causes serious damage.

Do Your Research

Research a facility carefully before choosing one. Learn about their hiring process for staff members and what qualifications are looked at. What is the staff-to-resident ratio? Does the facility have a record of neglect or abuse?  

Educate Yourself

Learn about the standards of care in assisted living facilities and what neglect can look like. Share this information with friends and family members who can also take part in watching for signs of negligence.  


If a loved one expresses concerns or complaints, take them seriously. Discuss the problem with staff members and follow-up to see how the issue is being resolved.

Visit Often

You should visit the facility on a regular basis to check on your family member. Elderly nursing home residents can be at risk for neglect if they do not maintain close contact with family and friends.

Who Is Legally Liable For Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect In Kentucky?

When abuse or neglect occurs in the nursing home environment, the facility can be held liable if any of the following played a part in causing harm to a resident or patient:


Remember, the facility is also vicariously liable for the actions of its employees, including actions taken in the course and scope of the worker’s job responsibilities. A Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer can help fight for compensation. 

Suing A Nursing Home For Negligence And Abuse

You put your trust in the long-term care facility staff to care for and protect the rights of your loved one. When that trust is broken, it can have devastating consequences for residents and families. 

If the appropriate duty of care is not being met, you may need to take legal action. Filing a lawsuit against a nursing home for negligence or abuse can help you obtain compensation to pay for your loved one’s costs of care. 

Our Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys can help with your case in many ways, including:

  • Reporting abuse to the appropriate authorities on your behalf
  • Investigating state or federal laws that may have been violated
  • Researching the law and applying it to your loved one’s situation
  • Taking statements from witnesses who have seen the neglect or abuse occur
  • Interviewing former employees of the nursing home to learn more about its practices
  • Analyzing medical records to demonstrate neglect of the resident’s medical needs or to demonstrate the extent of injuries caused by abuse or neglect
  • Negotiating with the nursing home to obtain the fairest settlement
  • Filing your lawsuit
  • Defending your case at trial, if necessary

Why Choose Circeo Law Firm?

When the unthinkable happens, nursing home victims and their families have the right to justice and damages. Abuse and neglect cases require a Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer experienced with both state and federal law and whose knowledge of nursing home operations and management may identify systemic causes that demonstrate liability in an incident.

Circeo Law Firm’s attorneys have developed winning strategies for severe physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse cases. We have also represented a large number of residents who sustained life-threatening injuries.

Our Experience in Advocating for Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Victims

With experience in a significant number of nursing home abuse cases in Kentucky, the Circeo Law Firm is a strong choice for advocating against abuse and neglect. Circeo Law Firm’s results for nursing home abuse and neglect clients:

  • A $42 million jury verdict in favor of a victim who died of neglect a mere nine days after entering a facility from dehydration, malnutrition, bedsores, and infections.
  • A $29.8 million verdict won against one of the biggest operators of nursing homes in the United States, whose Nashville facility neglected a patient with multiple injuries and conditions.
  • An $18 million abuse and wrongful death verdict against a nursing home after an 89-year old Alzheimer’s patient sustained multiple falls, several pressure sores, and repeated urinary tract infections.
  • A verdict of more than $1.1 million against a nursing and rehab center following a resident’s multiple injuries, including a fracture, pressure sores and severe infections, and wrongful death.

We advocate with you in mind. As we learn of new developments about specific nursing homes, we will continue to post updates and keep you apprised of breaking news.

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