Circeo Law Firm’s Wrongful Death Lawyers Will Fight to Obtain the Compensation You Need and Deserve

Every loss of human life is a profound tragedy. While no legal remedy can bring back a loved one, when a death is caused by the negligent, purposeful, or reckless actions of others, a Kentucky wrongful death lawyer at Circeo Law Firm can help secure compensation from those responsible.

Wrongful Death Facts and Statistics

Wrongful death cases frequently overlap with other torts, including nursing home neglect and abuse, automobile crashes, medical negligence and malpractice, electrocution and fire, product liability, negligent security, and more.

According to the CDC, more than 173,000 Americans died in 2019 due to unintentional injuries. Whether or not these are accidents, thousands of those people would still be alive if not for the actions or inactions of others.

Claims for wrongful death can apply to anyone at any age — including newborn babies and the elderly — and in any context or situation. Therefore, our attorneys closely consider every aspect of your wrongful death case to craft an effective legal response, maximizing compensation.

What is a Wrongful Death Case in Kentucky?

Examples of wrongful death include, though are not limited to:

  • Nursing home neglect and abuse that leads to the death of the resident (or something along these lines)
  • Workplace-related fatalities: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that more than 5,000 people sustained deadly occupational injuries in 2019.
  • Defective products cause fatal injuries, including burns and explosions.
  • Fatalities during childbirth: including newborns and their mothers dying during the process. Maternal mortality rates in America, for example, are the developed world’s highest, according to The Commonwealth Fund. 

Economic damages are the most common form of compensation to cover direct costs such as funeral expenses, medical and hospital bills, and lost wages. Several components are considered when determining financial damages, including:

  • Sole providers for families: if a family has lost its only source of income, the court may award a greater amount than to a single person with no dependents
  • Loss of future earnings: their loved one would have provided to their family
  • Non-economic damages: for a spouse and/or other dependents, including loss of affection or loss of parental guidance.

Wrongful death claims can be pursued against individuals, companies, and private organizations, or even government agencies.

Why Choose a Kentucky Wrongful Death Lawyer from Circeo Law Firm?

Losing a loved one under any circumstances is painful, but if you suspect the death was preventable, and someone was at fault for the death, it is extremely important to act as soon as possible.

Circeo Law Firm can not only help you determine the best strategy to realize the highest possible compensation but also navigate through the process of filing legal action that covers several areas, such as a joint nursing home neglect-wrongful death suit.

When a loved one suddenly and wrongfully dies due to negligent or reckless action or inaction, contact an experienced Kentucky wrongful death lawyer at Circeo Law Firm at 1-833-929-HELP.