Circeo Law Firm’s Negligent Security Lawyers Will Help Recover Damages

Negligent security laws are designed to protect public safety. Business and property owners owe a responsibility to their customers to provide a safe environment. When they don’t, and you are hurt or suffer losses, Circeo Law Firm’s negligent security lawyers are ready to help.

We have litigated and tried negligent security cases in multiple states. Our team closely examines every aspect of a case to craft an effective legal response to an incident, maximizing your compensation.

Negligent Security Cases in Kentucky

Business and property owners must provide adequate security against criminal acts and warn of known dangers. Known as foreseeability, they have an obligation to be aware of what criminal activity has been occurring around their property and take corresponding steps to keep their customers safe.

These steps can include security measures such as adequate lighting, properly trained and engaged security guards, adequate locks, and appropriate alarm systems. When property owners fail to take these steps, customers can be seriously hurt by violent criminal acts.

Other hazardous conditions that can create liability include slippery or wet floors, damaged stairs, or staircases without rails.  

Why Choose a Kentucky Negligent Security Lawyer from Circeo Law Firm?

A negligent security claim is brought by the victim of a violent, criminal act such as an assault, shooting, or rape that occurs on another person’s property — typically a business such as an office, hotel, grocery store, or mall. The property can include both the interior of a building and outside spaces like a parking lot.

Establishing the crime’s foreseeability is a huge task requiring the expertise of a skilled Kentucky negligent security lawyer. The process of proving each case is unique, with previous criminal acts like vandalism or theft sometimes not meeting the standard of foreseeability. An experienced lawyer is essential in helping you recover settlements for future or past lost wages, medical expenses, and property loss or damages.

If you or a loved one has been injured or sustained damages from negligence or a criminal act at an office, hotel, parking lot, mall, store, residential building, or other public business, contact the experienced trial lawyers of Circeo Law Firm 1-833-929-HELP.