Kentucky Negligent Security Lawyers Will Help Recover Damages

Security can never be taken for granted, our Kentucky negligent security lawyers can help you. Predators lurk in stores, parking lots, shopping malls, and in other public and commercially owned spaces. What happens when you’re the victim of a violent attack and there are no security guards to help you? No video cameras to catch footage of the crime? What should you do if you’re assaulted while shopping or raped in a parking lot at night?

Adequate security plays an essential role in keeping citizens safe from preventable harm. When property and business owners fail to provide it, criminals may find it easier to inflict harm upon their victims.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a violent crime and negligent security played a part in allowing this crime to happen, who is responsible and what can you do to pursue justice?

Negligent security laws are designed to protect public safety. Business and property owners have a responsibility to their patrons to provide a safe environment. When they don’t and you are hurt or suffer losses, Circeo Law Firm’s negligent security lawyers are here to help.

We have litigated and tried negligent security cases in multiple states. Our team closely examines every aspect of a case to craft an effective legal response to an incident, maximizing your compensation.

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Negligent Security Cases in Kentucky

Business and property owners must provide adequate security against criminal acts and warn of known dangers. Known as foreseeability, they have an obligation to be aware of what criminal activity has been occurring around their property and take corresponding steps to keep their customers safe. 

These steps can include security measures such as adequate lighting, properly trained and engaged security guards, adequate locks, and appropriate alarm systems. When property owners fail to take these steps, customers can be seriously hurt by violent criminal acts.

Examples of Negligent Security Claims in Kentucky

The nature of neglectful security can vary based on the property and its usage. Typical negligent security examples include:

  • A lack of security cameras
  • Faulty or unmonitored security cameras
  • A lack of security guards 
  • Poorly trained or unvetted security guards
  • A lack of locks on doors
  • A lack of metal detectors
  • A lack of lighting
  • A lack of fencing or other barriers

Definitions of reasonable security vary greatly depending on the venue. For example, a sporting venue may require hundreds of security guards, metal detectors, and checkpoints, while a parking garage may simply require good lighting and security cameras.

The Consequences of Inadequate Security

In the event of an assault, robbery, or even murder, the perpetrator is undoubtedly the person directly responsible. The attacker should face serious criminal penalties, but other parties may also share some of the blame.

An owner of a property may be held liable for damages in a civil suit if he or she fails to provide reasonable protection against criminals and crimes. By putting in place a few basic security measures, the property owner could have prevented the entire crime.

In negligent security cases, the crimes that are most likely to occur include:

  • Robbery
  • Physical Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Murder

Properties without any obvious security are magnets for criminals who are looking for an easy way to victimize people.

Where Can Negligent Security Pose A Risk?

The following places are potential locations for assaults on guests, residents, and visitors:

  • Parking garages
  • Parking lots
  • Shopping malls
  • Apartment complexes
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Retail stores
  • Movie theaters
  • Event venues
  • Office buildings

Why Choose A Kentucky Negligent Security Lawyer From Circeo Law Firm?

A negligent security claim is brought by the victim of a violent, criminal act such as an assault, shooting, or rape that occurs on another person’s property — typically a business such as an office, hotel, grocery store, or mall. The property can include both the interior of a building and outside spaces like a parking lot.

Establishing the crime’s foreseeability is a huge task requiring the expertise of a skilled Kentucky negligent security lawyer. The process of proving each case is unique, with previous criminal acts like vandalism or theft sometimes not meeting the standard of foreseeability. An experienced lawyer is essential in helping you recover settlements for future or past lost wages, medical expenses, and property loss or damages.

If you or a loved one has been injured or sustained damages from negligence or a criminal act at an office, hotel, parking lot, mall, store, residential building, or other public business, contact the experienced trial lawyers of Circeo Law Firm 1-833-929-HELP.




What Should I Do If I Am Attacked In A Public Place Or Parking Lot?

Immediately call 911 so authorities can find and arrest your attacker. If your injuries are not life-threatening, try to take pictures of the scene before going to the hospital. Take photos of  broken lights or cameras to show the property owner lacked adequate security. Get medical help as soon as possible. No matter how minor your injuries may seem, you should see a doctor or go to the emergency room. Even a minor bruise could indicate internal bleeding. Additionally, documenting your injuries can help you receive compensation after an attack. Contact an experienced injury lawyer to help you determine whether you have a case for negligent security.

Who Is At Fault If I Am Attacked In A Public Place Or Parking Lot?

There is no doubt that the person who attacked you should be held accountable, but the parking lot or business owner may also be held partially responsible in the event that negligent security led to your attack.

Can I Sue A Property Owner If I Was Attacked In A Public Place Or Parking Lot?

There is a possibility of filing a premises liability lawsuit against a property owner if they failed to provide adequate security such as a poorly lit parking lot at night, without cameras or other security measures.

Can I Sue A Property Owner If My Loved One Was Killed In A Public Place Or Parking Lot?

In the event that your loved one is killed in a parking lot, you may be able to sue the property owner if you are their:

  • Spouse
  • Child under the age of 25
  • Child over the age of 25 (if there is no spouse)
  • Financially dependent blood relative if the dependence was very significant (like in the case of somebody with a total disability)
  • Parent (if there are no other survivors)

Should I Hire A Lawyer If I Am Attacked In A Public Place Or Parking Lot?

The person who attacked you may be caught and prosecuted, but he or she is usually not liable for compensation for the damage you sustained. Hiring a lawyer to sue the property owner may be your only hope to recover compensation for the physical and emotional pain of your attack as well as any financial expenses such as medical bills or lost wages. 

How Does A Negligent Security Lawyer Investigate An Attack In A Public Place Or Parking Lot?

A negligent security attorney can investigate whether the parking lot owner was negligent in providing security and whether the attack was foreseeable. Your lawyer will do the following:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Collect documents
  • Obtain opinions from experts regarding the security of the premises
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Represent you in court 

How Much Will A Negligent Security Settlement Be?

In the event that you or a loved one was a victim of a crime, you may qualify for compensation for criminal wrongdoings caused by negligent security. Our security negligence lawyers at Circeo Law Firm will fight to get you and your family the maximum compensation you deserve.

You may be eligible for compensation for one or more of the following:


  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional suffering
  • Disability
  • Lost income
  • Loss of consortium
  • Funeral and burial expenses if you lost a loved one

How Long Does A Negligent Security Lawsuit Take To Settle?

Upon filing, it’s not unusual for these cases to take three to five years before they are resolved, often through a trial.

How Our Security Negligence Lawyers Can Help You

Our experienced security negligence attorneys will gather evidence from your case to prove that the property could have foreseen the incident and prevented your injury. Considerations include:

  • What type of security measures does the store have?
  • Are there guards who maintain security?
  • Are the guards properly trained?
  • Were there enough guards on duty at the time of the incident?
  • Where did the incident occur and what were the circumstances?
  • Is there a history of assault on the premises?
  • What is the victim’s relationship with the business owner?
  • Has the business owner received complaints about security before?
  • Did the business owner know of an immediate threat and fail to correct it?

Contact Circeo Law Firm’s Negligent Security Lawyers

Negligent security laws are designed to protect public safety. If you or someone you love suffered a serious or fatal injury that a property owner failed to take measures to prevent, contact the experienced trial lawyers of Circeo Law Firm at 1-833-929-HELP.

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