Who We Are

We provide the kind of personalized attention, unique to every case, that is lacking in the mega-firms where you are just another client. Circeo Law Firm is a client-centric civil litigation law firm comprised of some of the top legal minds in the Southern United States. 

We offer unmatched expertise and unmatched results—because our clients and referring attorneys deserve nothing less. 

We prioritize making the world a safer place by holding corporations accountable when they endanger the public and cause injury. No case is too big for our Kentucky injury lawyers, who have overseen millions of dollars in verdicts and favorable settlements.

We strive for preparation, experience, and a zealous commitment to one simple goal: achieving the greatest possible result for each client.

Peer organizations routinely recognize our attorneys, including:

What We Do

Trial work requires tireless dedication and a proactive, hands-on approach. The attorneys at Circeo Law Firm have a track record of success that has earned them praise and recognition from past clients and other lawyers.

We handle numerous cases in many different legal areas. Our firm is nationally recognized in nursing home law. We have litigated, settled, and tried more nursing home cases than any firm in Kentucky and are continually recognized as experienced leaders in this field.

Other law offices across the country frequently engage Circeo Law Firm to handle complex matters, such as:

Our mission is to recover financially for our clients. Nonetheless, we are proud that their cases have the added impact of promoting more honest, responsible, and ethical behavior in corporations and organizations. This includes nursing home corporations improving their care processes and businesses improving their safety standards.

How We Work

Circeo Law Firm constantly analyzes and reanalyzes every case with each client to explain the strengths and weaknesses of their claims and re-evaluates such cases after any significant development. We work with clients to explain their claims’ strengths, weaknesses, and value and answer all questions they have along the way. 


Our lawyers take the time with each client to help them understand the issues.


We understand the importance of timely communication and respond to client requests immediately.


Our lawyers explain the litigation process, breaking down each stage of the legal process and what it means to our client’s case.

Attorney Referrals

Circeo Law Firm welcomes referrals and co-counsel arrangements. As experienced trial lawyers, we have developed considerable knowledge about the unique aspects and trends in areas of personal injury law and have relationships with respected, experienced attorneys and witnesses who may add significant value to a case.

Our lawyers are licensed in Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania and have litigated cases throughout the United States. 

Contact a Kentucky Injury Lawyer Today for Any of Your Legal Needs

Circeo Law Firm is no stranger to high-profile, complicated cases. While most cases settle, we are not afraid to take your case to trial. In fact, we have a reputation for litigating against some of the biggest corporations in the country. The strength of our team includes Kentucky injury lawyers with decades of trial experience who have worked together for many years to advocate for their clients vigorously. Their experience and collaboration are an added benefit to clients. Contact us today, and we can help you too.