Understanding the Typical Examples of Negligent Security

February 10, 2023 Insights


Whether someone owns a home or business, a high-quality security system is crucial to keeping the property and everyone in it safe from criminal activity and unwanted guests. It can also be an excellent deterrent for those who want to harm or damage property. 

Unfortunately, due to human errors, the property may fail to protect your belongings and everyone inside it. These expensive mistakes manifest a negligent security system. Failing to save a property can also lead to a costly consequence by paying for the harm caused or losses. 

If you want to seek well-deserved justice for your fallen loved one, this article will enumerate five incidents that can occur due to negligent security. We’ll also help you determine owner liability and how a lawyer can help the victims. 

5 Incidents That Can Occur Because of Poor Security

Many bad things can happen when a property has an inadequate and inefficient security system. This section will enumerate five of these unfortunate events. 

1. Armed Robbery 

This crime occurs when an individual uses force or threats to steal another person’s belongings. The perpetrator usually carries a weapon to scare the victim and ensure they get the desired items. Armed robbery is hazardous because it puts everyone’s safety at risk and results from negligent security. 

2. Assaults 

While assaults can happen anytime or anywhere, the risk of an attack significantly increases with a negligent security system. 

3. Battery 

This crime occurs when someone physically harms another person violently, causing severe injury. Having a security guard present can help prevent these situations. 

4. Murder 

This criminal offense occurs when the perpetrator kills another person, usually resulting in devastating consequences for the victim’s loved ones.

5. Sexual Assaults

These offenses can cause the victim deep and long-lasting physical and emotional trauma. You can reduce the risk of a sexual assault by replacing your negligent security system with a more reliable one. 

What Kind of Security Can Reduce Crime Rates?

A safer building begins when the owner removes the old, negligent security system. Property owners can protect their establishments and occupants by setting up reasonable security measures. 

These measures include installing security cameras, deploying security guards onsite, ensuring the door locks are working correctly, and setting up an alarm system. They should also consider installing fences and gates and posting caution signs. That way, they can deter crime on their property and uphold a positive reputation. 

How to Determine Owner Liability 

The defendant can be guilty of a criminal offense if the proof shows damning evidence that they had a responsibility to take care of a specific situation and failed to do so, resulting in harm to the plaintiff. To prove that the defendant failed to handle their duty, the situation that caused the damage must have been foreseeable, and the defendant didn’t take action to prevent it from happening. 

The liability of an owner during criminal activity on their property depends on individual facts and circumstances. Courts will consider factors like employee security, interior and exterior security, and administrative security. They’ll also consider where the crime happened, the history of criminal activity, and the types of illegal activity in the area. 

How Can a Lawyer Help the Victims?

Your local premises liability lawyer can help you if you’ve hurt yourself because of negligent security. They’ll examine your situation’s facts and determine whether you have a valid case. If you do, they’ll work with you to determine what compensation you can get, such as medical bills, emotional damages, lost wages, or property damage. 


Nobody deserves to be hurt or killed because of a property’s negligent security system. You can seek justice for your loved ones and begin your healing journey by working with a local premises liability lawyer. 

If you’re looking for an attorney to handle a negligent security case in Kentucky, let us help. Circeo Law Firm will aggressively fight for you if you or your loved one gets hurt by an inadequate security system. Call us now for a free and confidential consultation.