The Grounds of Suing a Security Company for Negligence

February 17, 2023 Insights

Security Company

All companies hired by a client must perform their duties with integrity, professionalism, and respect for the client’s wishes. No exception to this is security companies, who are expected to protect the client’s property, ensure the safety of personnel, and prevent unauthorized access to the premises. However, there are times when a security company may fail in its objectives, which can be grounds for negligence.

In the legal sense, negligence is when a person or business fails to exercise the level of care that a reasonable person or business would have exercised in a similar situation. Negligence can occur when a security company fails to provide adequate security or follow the client’s instructions. While suing a security company is easy, proving negligence will be difficult because it requires a clear demonstration that the company did not meet the standard of care that must have been exercised. For this reason, we will discuss the details in this article.

What Constitutes Negligence?

A security company can be deemed negligent in different ways, such as:

Negligent Hiring of Security Personnel

A security company can be liable for negligence if it fails to hire qualified security personnel. Security personnel must be screened and trained to ensure they can perform their job duties. This includes criminal background checks, drug tests, and other screening procedures to ensure that the personnel is fit for the job.

Negligent Training of Security Personnel

Any security company must provide proper training for their security personnel to ensure they are adequately prepared and knowledgeable about their job duties. Training is essential for a security company to ensure their security personnel can protect their clients and their premises. Negligent training of security personnel can lead to severe consequences, as it can put the safety of the people they are protecting in danger.

Training security personnel should cover various topics, such as safety and security protocols, customer service, first aid, defensive tactics, and emergency response. Security personnel should also be trained to use any equipment they may be required to use, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarm systems.

Negligent Supervision of Security Personnel

Negligent supervision of security personnel is a serious issue that can have devastating consequences. Security companies must ensure that their security personnel are adequately supervised and perform their job duties safely and competently. Failing to provide proper supervision can lead to security personnel making mistakes, which can put the safety of their clients and the premises they are protecting at risk.

How Do You Prove Negligence?

Proving negligence by a security company will be tricky, but some things can help you build your case. These include:

The Security Company Failed to Perform Its Duties

A security company is expected to provide a duty of care to protect the property of its clients. When a security company fails to perform its obligations, this can be a sign of negligence. This can be proven by demonstrating that the security company did not follow industry standards for security or that the security company failed to provide a reasonable level of protection for the property in question.

Negligence Caused the Injury

If an injury occurs as a result of the security company, the victim can have grounds to file a negligence claim. To prove negligence, it must be shown that the security company had a duty of care to the victim and that the security company failed to meet that duty of care. The victim must also show that the security company’s negligence directly caused the injury.

The Injury Must Be Preventable

Many injuries can be preventable, and security companies are responsible for preventing them from occurring. For example, if the security company fails to check for suspicious activity or does not properly secure a property, an injury may occur due to their negligence. If the injury was preventable, the security company could be held liable for the damages resulting from the injury.


Proving negligence from a security company will be tricky, but it is possible. For this reason, those who believe they have suffered an injury due to this negligence should contact an experienced attorney to explore their legal options. This way, they can get rightful compensation and hold the negligent party accountable.

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