How to Choose the Right Nursing Home for Your Loved One

February 24, 2023 Insights

nursing home

Finding the right nursing home for your loved one can often seem like an arduous task. After all, you want to ensure they have the best possible care while feeling secure and safe. Here are some tips to consider as you compare and contrast nursing homes so that you have confidence in the safety of your family member or friend.

Check the Licensing

The first step in ensuring the safety of your loved one is to check that the home is licensed. It should be licensed by the department of aging or welfare of the state and compliant with regulations for nursing homes. These are important legal requirements that keep facilities safe and regulated.

Inspect Facilities

It is important to visit the facility onsite to check its infrastructure. Make sure beds are comfortable, patients are clean, and panels are not worn out. Also, make sure all equipment is up-to-date and safely stored. Have a look around and ensure there are enough staff members to look after everyone.

Get References

It is important to consult friends, family, and colleagues to get positive or negative references for the nursing homes you are researching. Talk to people who know the place and get their opinions. It is also a good idea to look for reviews online.

Research Care Staff

The most important factor for any nursing home is the staff taking care of patients’ needs. It is important to research the care staff to ensure they have the adequate qualifications and experience needed to support residents. Make sure they have certified qualifications to offer the best quality of care.

Ask Questions

It is helpful to ask the facility questions related to safety, such as what security measures are in place? What are the emergency plans? How do they communicate with families in the event of an emergency? It is also important to know who is responsible at nighttime and during the weekends.

Understand Residents’ Rights

It is important to understand your loved one’s rights as a resident. Check to make sure the facility is following protocols regarding patient safety. Also, make sure your loved one’s rights are respected at all times and they are not being discriminated against because of any variables such as age, gender, disability, culture, or race.

Follow Up Regularly

Once you have done your research, check in on your loved one regularly. Talk to them to make sure they are as comfortable as possible and learn about the care they are receiving. Make sure to ask questions to nursing staff and facility managers to check the safety protocols in place.


Choosing the right nursing home for your loved one can take a lot of effort, but it is worth it for your peace of mind. By considering the above tips, you will be able to ensure that your loved one is safe and receiving excellent care.

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