Circeo Law Firm’s Kentucky Burn Injury Lawyers Advocate for Victims of Electrocution, Fire, and Burn Injuries 

Electrocution and burn injuries can be permanent and often result in horrifying deaths. Victims may lose mobility and body parts, and extremities often need extensive reconstructive surgeries for particularly severe burns. Aside from the physical pain and permanent bodily issues, there are substantial mental and emotional effects associated with electrocution and burn injuries. 

Burn and electrocution injuries are difficult to treat, costly, and time-consuming. Too often they are a result of the carelessness or negligence of another person or business.

If you or a loved one have sustained a serious injury or death from electrocution, fire, or burn injury, our burn injury lawyers are ready to listen to your story and get you the damages you deserve. Contact the Kentucky trial lawyers of Circeo Law Firm at 1-833-929-HELP.

Kentucky Electrocution, Fire, and Burn Injuries

Few experiences can compare to the trauma of a burn injury. In addition to facing grueling medical treatments and rehabilitation, victims will also be required to pay for these services to avoid infections or further complications. Furthermore, many burn injury survivors will have permanent disfigurement, scarring, nerve damage, or even paralysis for the rest of their lives.

You and your loved ones may experience depression, stress, anxiety, hopelessness, and despair as you try to cope with life impacted by these catastrophic injuries. 

Common Causes of Burns in Kentucky

Burns have a wide variety of causes, including:

  • Kitchen equipment malfunctions
  • Scalds from hot, boiling liquids
  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Fires, including flames from candles, matches, and lighters
  • Car, truck, motorcycle, and other vehicle accidents
  • Construction and workplace accidents
  • Defective or malfunctioning consumer products
  • Nursing home neglect
  • Acid attacks or spills

Types Of Burns In Kentucky

Doctors group burns into categories based on the severity of your injury, with first-degree being the least harmful and fourth-degree being the most damaging. Damage to tissue caused by   burns includes:

  • First-degree burns typically show as red yet unblistered skin with mild to medium levels of pain.
  • Second-degree burns usually show blisters, mild thickening of the skin, and medium to severe pain levels.
  • Third-degree burns can have overall thickness with a white, leathery appearance and serious to severe pain levels.
  • Fourth-degree burns, which are like third-degree burns, extend beyond the skin and into tendons and bones.

What Complications Can Occur After A Kentucky Burn Injury?

Burn injuries often result in complications. It is very important to follow your doctor’s advice and tell both your doctor and your attorney about any new or unusual symptoms.

These are some of the complications you may encounter:

  • Loss of function or feeling
  • Severe dehydration
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • PTSD
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Organ failure

In addition to recouping the costs of the original injury, a burn injury claim can also help to resolve any resulting issues arising from the accident.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Know If I Have A Legal Claim After A Burn Injury?

You may be wondering, “Does my burn injury case stand a chance?” When it comes to burns, figuring out the answer can be tricky. To prove liability, you must prove negligence. In other words, you need to show that someone else owed you a duty of care, they failed to provide it, and that their actions led to your harm.

Many burn injury victims fail to realize someone else may hold liability for their condition. This is often the case with premises liability and product liability. So how do you know when you have a case? Common examples include: 

Workplace Accidents

Burns can occur in the workplace with victims either being employees or customers. Burns can be sustained by touching hot surfaces, when an outlet shorts out, or when drinking a hot beverage. If an employee is injured on the job, the employer usually bears the financial responsibility. In this case, however, you will not sue your employer to recover damages. Rather, you will need to make a workers’ compensation claim instead.

Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Administration estimates that a car accident occurs every 60 seconds. On a yearly basis, that equates to about 5.25 million accidents nationwide.

In an accident, burns can result from contact with a hot surface or chemical, or from a fire. If the other driver was at least partly at-fault in the accident, you are entitled to seek damages for your injuries.

Product Liability

Did your hairdryer short out? Did your new laptop light on fire? It is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure their products are safe to use. Any damages caused by a defect or design flaw must be paid by the manufacturer.

Premises Liability

Various types of accidents fall under premises liability. Did an exposed wire start a fire in an apartment you were renting? Your landlord might not have taken care of an electrical issue. Checking if the building is up to code and whether the fire systems are current is one of the first things your attorney will verify.

What Type of Compensation Is Available to Kentucky Burn Injury Victims?

Victims who have suffered a burn injury are entitled to compensation for their damages. A victim’s damages are equal to their losses from the injury. These include:

Medical Expenses

Hospitalizations are often necessary during the first few days after an accident, in addition to emergency treatment and surgery. Within a matter of days, this can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses—and most burn victims need treatment for years to come! Costly appointments with specialists, ongoing checkups, and cosmetic surgeries all add up. The cost of medical care can also include rehabilitation services, such as occupational and physical therapy and counseling. 

Lost Wages 

The time you miss from work, whether it is immediately following an accident, sick time for recovery, or time off for medical appointments, results in lost wages. Performance bonuses, profit sharing, and other incentives are also rewarded. Victims of severe burns often have a difficult time obtaining gainful employment as a result of their injuries. Those who sustain permanent injuries can also lose wages as a result of a reduction in earnings potential in the future. 

Property Damage 

The accident that caused burn injuries can result in property damage. For instance, burns caused by household accidents are likely to damage the inside of the house as well as the building’s structure. Burns caused by a car accident may result in significant damage to the vehicle. Losses like these can be compensated by the person legally responsible for the burn injuries.

Pain and Suffering 

Often, this is the largest part of a personal injury award. It can be difficult to assign a monetary value to the suffering of an accident victim because pain is subjective. In general, insurance adjusters perform a simple calculation based on the victim’s total medical expenses. Pain and circumstances that might aggravate a victim’s pain (such the inability to tolerate pain medication or other preexisting conditions) are not taken into account. Injury from burns is particularly painful, and often it requires long-term pain management. However, you can protect your right to compensation for pain and suffering with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Will My Burn Injury Case Cover Future Kentucky Medical Care?

It can take years to recover from burns. If you expect to need extensive care in the future, your settlement could include a provision for future medical care. While you will not receive future payments, your initial settlement will likely consider funding intended for future treatment.

What Type Of Treatment Should I Expect After A Burn Injury?

The type of treatment you will need will depend on the severity and location of your burn. The more serious your injury is, the more invasive and prolonged your treatment will be.

Common burn treatment options include:

IV Fluids

It may be necessary to administer intravenous fluids to burn victims with severe burns. Dehydration and even organ failure can result from burn shock.  

Rehabilitative Services

Physical and psychological pain can result from burns. Mental health counseling and occupational therapy can reduce recovery time and improve outlook on life.

Creams and Ointments

Minor burns benefit most from this treatment. These creams can prevent infection and reduce healing time.  

Skin Grafts

Skin grafts can be used to repair any severely damaged skin. Using the patient’s own skin is usually the most effective method.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can help burn patients who are unable to see, breathe, or speak because of burns and scarring. Cosmetic improvements can also be achieved through reconstructive surgery. 

How Long Do I Have To File A Kentucky Burn Injury Lawsuit?

It is best to file a lawsuit as soon as possible if you intend to sue the negligent party. This will give your attorney enough time to prepare your case and achieve a settlement faster.

Statutes of limitations specify the maximum amount of time in which a claim can be brought forth. The statute of limitations for burn injury lawsuits varies from state to state. In Kentucky, it is just one year. A few exceptions apply to the statute of limitations. For example, if you didn’t discover the truth about the accident because of fraud or if the victim is a child, the court may issue an extension.

Do I Need A Kentucky Burn Injury Lawyer?

Injury victims and their families only have a limited time frame to obtain the money they deserve for their burn injury. Insurance companies know this and they do everything in their power to deny your claim or convince you to settle for far less than you need.

An experienced burn injury attorney will handle all investigation, paperwork, and negotiations for you. This will allow you to focus on your recovery.

Some of the tasks your attorney will take care of include:

  • Collect and present evidence
  • Speak with your doctors
  • Review your medical records
  • Gather witness statements
  • Defer payments
  • Negotiate with the insurance company
  • Represent you in court

Circeo Law Firm’s Kentucky Burn Injury Lawyers Can Help You with Your Burn Injuries

A burn injury can lead to significant injuries, medical expenses, pain, suffering, lost wages, and scarring that can forever change your life. 

Circeo Law Firm attorneys are based in Kentucky and experienced with burn, fire, or electrocution injuries and understand how difficult they can be. Clients can trust that any responsible parties will be held accountable and that victims will receive the financial compensation they need and deserve. If you or a loved one has suffered from burn, fire, or electrocution injury, contact the experienced trial lawyers of Circeo Law Firm at 1-833-929-HELP.